This eBook is short and straight to the point.
What you’ll learn is a step-by-step process on how to set an automated crypto income that will generate money 24/7. I will teach you the exact process that took me from earning $1 – 5 a day, to earning $10 – 50 a day, to now earning $200 – $500 a day. As you might have guessed from the amounts above, I started with $100. Now I have an account of $10.000+ that generates money 24/7. I don’t even have to look at it, I just take my Binance card to the ATM and withdraw money. I arrived at $10.000+ by first investing $100, then I invested $150 after two weeks, and another $100
after about a month. The rest $9.650 is profit that automatically reinvested itself.
By the time you read this, I’ll have even more money working for me 24/7. Most I earned in a day using this exact method is 7%. The average is between 1 – 5%. But even a 1% profit is better than nothing considering that you don’t actually lose any money.
As a disclaimer: there are people out there who make 0%. You can’t lose money, but you can
stagnate at 0% for months or even years. What actually makes you money with this method, is knowing the right strategies. Which I know, and I’ll share them with you in this eBook.
You might be wondering what I get by helping you. What I get is commissions. If you register using my affiliate link, I’ll get a small amount of money every time you make money. We both win. The more money you make, the more I make. That’s why I want to help you succeed.

Another important piece of information: I’m a software engineer by trade, so I’ll be able to come up with future strategies that are even more profitable. I’m currently testing a strategy that generates 9% – 13% a day. Depending on when you read this book, the new strategy might already be available.

I will create new strategies every month, so if you want to earn more than 1 – 5%, you’ll have to contact me at this email: and I’ ll give you new strategies for free as long as you registered using my affiliate link.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get to work.

Before we start the course, I just want to show you my daily income as of today, and the daily income of my students. Both new and older students.

This is my daily income as of today:

This is the daily income of some of my students:

As you can see, there’s a big opportunity to earn your entire salary in just one day.
Let’s move on!

Chapter 1: What is Royal Q

Royal Q is the trading robot that will make you money 24/7. That’s what’s good about this method; it’s a robot that makes you the money, not a real person. You can’t actually lose money with the robot. The only thing that can actually happen is the robot makes 0% profit. But if you have the right strategy – like you have in this eBook – you’ll always make money.
Some have asked me: “how can we not lose money if cryptocurrency goes up and down?” The robot works with the currency USDT (Tether) which is a cryptocurrency that has the same value as the US Dollar. Even tough the robot will use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to make money, all your profits will be credited to you in US Dollars, so no matter if Bitcoin goes down 30% or any other currency goes down 80%, you never lose money. I will explain more about how the robot works in a bit, but in all honesty; you don’t really need to know all the technical details. If you apply the step-by-step process of this eBook, you’ll see profits in the first hour. Then it will start making profits for the rest of your life. Some might say that this method is a scam because the money is too easy to make. It’s not a scam, and the money is not easy to make without the right strategy.

Here’s how the robot works, so you know it’s not a scam: The robot is an algorithm that buys crypto when the currency is low, and sells when it’s high. Simple as that, no scams involved. The winning strategy that will make you a lot of money is the right settings for the robot. The instructions you give it. That’s the magic trick. If you know the right instructions to give the robot, you become financially independent super fast.

The wrong instructions will render the robot useless and you’ll make 0% profit. Trust me, I know this because it happens to tens of thousands of people every day. They just don’t know any better. These people who don’t know any better will call the robot a scam, and influence newbie to not
even try.

Let’s move to chapter 2 where you’ll learn how to set everything up.

Chapter 2: How to sign up for Royal Q

Click the following link and you’ll be redirected to a sign-up page →

The link above is my affiliate link. Therefore, I will get a small commission every time you make money, and that’s why I want to help you make as much money as possible because I get money as well. And if you register with my affiliate link, I’ll give you strategies in the future that will help you make even more money.

And not only that, I will also share with you other money-making methods. So, stay tuned and you can always contact me if you have further questions.

Once you arrive at the sign-up page, you’ll see this:

On this page, you enter the email, then press the ‘Send verification code’ button and a code will be sent to your email. Then go to your email, get the code, and come back and insert the code in the ‘Verification Code’ field.

Enter your password, and make sure to leave the invitation code as is: SQLW5 Then click Register.

After that, you’ll be redirected to this page:

On this page, you have to download the Royal Q app on your respective device. If you have an iPhone, download from Appstore, and if you have an Android device, download it from Google Play. The company is from Singapore, and that’s why it’s written in Chinese. Royal Q ran for multiple years in Singapore and China, and only recently launched Internationally.

Don’t let the app’s origin deter you from downloading it. Singaporeans are trustworthy people, as well as the Chinese. Also, this app only runs on mobile phones for now.

  1. After you download and install the app, go to the ‘Mine’ tab

2. Once inside, click on ‘Asset’, then click on ‘Deposit

Finally, you’ll be presented with this page:

On this page, you copy the USDT address and send $140 USDT (with the TRC20 network).

ATTENTION! The money you need to send to your subscription fee and Royal Q, in general, is via the TRC20 network. So, when in Binance, make sure to pick the TRC20 network when sending money. And only send USDT.

You’ll need $120 for the subscription, and $20 extra for gas. You get $20 worth of gas money already, but it’s best to have more just in case. You can always withdraw it back if you want. Now you have to wait until $140 becomes available in your Assets tab. Once you have the $140 available in the Assets tab, move on to the next chapter where you’ll learn how to pay your subscription fee.

Chapter 3: How to pay your subscription fee

Once the $140 USDT arrive in your assets tab, click the “Activate” button

Mine says Renew because I already re-activated recently, but yours should say Activate.

After you activate the account, switch to ‘Professional Edition’, just like the image below:

That’s it. Welcome to Royal Q
Before we end this chapter, I want to tell you quickly what Fuel Fee is, and how it works.

What is fuel fee?
For each trade to be successful, the app must take a small amount of money to process transactions. Don’t worry, the amount it takes is very, very small. You can last about three months with $20 in fuel. And you’ll make this amount back easy.

How to charge fuel fee:
To have enough fuel fee, you need to have at least $20 in Assets. If you added $140 like I said in the previous chapter, you should already have $20 in fuel fee. Leave the $20 there in Assets so the app can take small amounts every time it needs to. Make sure your fuel fee never gets lower than $10. Royal Q will notify you anyway.

Chapter 4: What is Binance and why does Royal Q need Binance?

Binance is probably the best cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform on the planet. Royal Q needs to bind the app to your Binance account in order to buy crypto using money from your Binance wallet and put money in your Binance wallet as profit.

Don’t worry, Royal Q does not have permission to steal your money. All it does via the API is buy and sell. That’s all.

How to Bind (connect) Binance API to Royal Q

You can also connect Huobi to Royal Q, but we’ll focus on Binance for this tutorial because it’s just simpler to use.

Step 1 – To create a Binance account, go to this link →

Step 2 – After you create your Binance account, watch the video below for a detailed explanation from Royal Q on how to bind the API:

YouTube video here –>

If you want to download the video, or YouTube is down, try here ->

After Binance is bound, make sure you have at least 100 USDT in your Binance account for Royal Q to work. This is the minimum required for Royal Q to start trading. Now all you have to do is go to the next chapter where you’ll learn how to make money, finally

Chapter 5 – How to start trading & my winning strategy

Congrats You finally made it to the last step and now it’s time for you to get financially independent. I promise you, if you followed the steps correctly, and you follow my strategies, this app can even make you a millionaire. That’s my plan actually, to become a millionaire with Royal Q
by 2023. I hope that’s your plan as well. First and foremost, you should learn more about how Royal Q works. The Royal Q app has tutorials on everything you need to know, right on the homepage.

It’s not necessary really if you follow my instructions carefully, you will make money. But you should watch the tutorials anyway, because it’s important to know how the app works.

After you watched the tutorials (or not), follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the ‘Quantitative’ tab
  1. Select any coin from the hundreds of coins available. In this case: AD
  2. Select ‘Trade Setting’

4. Setting the trade

Here are all the settings for the trade. If you watched the tutorials available on Royal Q, you might already know how everything works. But I’ll explain it anyway:

First Buy in amount = The amount of money the robot will use to buy coins
Margin call limit = How many times the robot will buy for each time the price goes down. In this case, it will buy 3 x $10
The whole position takes profit ratio = in the image provided, the setting is 1,2%. That means the robot will sell the coin if the price increases by 1,2%, and you’ll make a profit.
Inside margin configuration tab:

First call: every time the coin goes down 2,5%, the robot will buy 1 times (as written on the right)
2nd call: then, If the coin goes down another 1%, the robot will buy once more.
3rd call: if the coin goes even lower with another 0,8%, it will buy once more. So 3 times in total (for the entire $30).

I know it’s a little bit confusing, and I’m sorry, but you’ll learn everything as you go.

Here’s my winning strategy. Set it up exactly like this and you don’t
even have to worry about it.

Set trade settings just like this:

And set Margin configuration just like this:

After you set it exactly like that, click ‘Confirm’

Now click ‘Save’

And finally click ‘Start’

Done. Your robot is now trading. Congrats

This strategy Is specifically created to use $30 for each coin.
In our example above, we used the coin ADA. Now that you set this up, the robot will use $30 to trade with ADA. Let’s say you have a budget of $120. In that case, you select 3 more coins in the ‘Quantitative’ Tab, and apply the same settings.

Now you should have a total of 4 coins, trading for $30 each. From my experience, this budget and settings will generate you around 3 – 7 USDT a day

To scale this: every time you make $30, or add another $30 to your USDT balance on Binance, you can set another coin for Royal Q to trade.
• $120 budget = 4 coins.
• $150 budget = 5 coins.
• $180 budget = 6 coins
• Etc

Let’s say you want to scale even more because you set up all the coins (which are hundreds, maybe thousands in the future. In that case you’re a multi-millionaire. Congrats), then you have to increase the ‘First Buy in amount’ budget. If you put $20 instead of $10, the robot will buy $20 worth of coin for each margin call. Before it was
$10 x 3, now it’s $20 x 3.

That’s all. Congratulations for making it all to the end.
I hope you make a lot of money, and remember; you can always contact me at this email address, whenever you have a question or want any updates on new strategies →

Also, if you’re interested in more money-making opportunities, I have a great one that onlyrequires a $50 investment and it makes passive income that you can reinvest back to make even more money.

Here’s an example:
1st month = $50
2nd month = $70
3rd month = $100
And so on…

But the more money you put in, the more money it makes. And you don’t even have to invest more than $50, because all the profit you make from the $50, you’ll reinvest that.
If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll set you up.
And no, the method is not a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. You’ll see for yourself

Thanks for joining this money-making business, and I hope to hear good news on the millions you’ll make in the future. Take care.


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